Support to Farmers

The Middle Brenta area is characterized by an economy driven by agriculture: sown fields, areas dedicated to dairy production, meadows and rows. Many of these environments constitute an important ecological corridor for the local fauna, as well as constituting the typical traditional landscape.

Within this territory, however, there are some rapidly growing environmental problems, such as: the general lowering of the water table level due to the increase in water withdrawal; the persistence of periods of drought; the unstable balance between agricultural management and sustainability.

The objective of the initiative, and in particular of the GO Brenta 2030, is therefore to maintain and improve the economic sustainability of farms within and near the Natura 2000 site “SAC/ZPS IT3260018 Grave e zone umide del Brenta”.

The initiative offers farmers the following opportunities:


Visit and learn about companies that have already adopted innovative agricultural practices.


Participate in the training course on sustainability and economic opportunities arising from the adoption of good agricultural practices.


Possibility to enhance your green area through the WOWnature portal.

Contact us if you want to know more
or if you are interested in pre-registering for an event

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