Environmental improvement

Our initiative aims to improve the environment of a territory that we love and frequent: the Middle Brenta.

For us, the river is a bit like a house that must be kept clean and efficient: for this reason, in the coming years, we will take care of various activities that will improve the area from Bassano del Grappa to Padua.

On the map you can see the different conservation and environmental improvement interventions envisaged by LIFE Brenta 2030 and GO Brenta 2030: we hope that they are only the first of a long series of interventions to be carried out through the environmental fund.

Our interventions are multifunctional: they protect biodiversity and improve the quality of the water resource, also increasing the quantity of infiltrated water in the recharge area of the aquifer.

LIFE Brenta 2030 involves the construction of various wetlands, floating islands, meadows and forests in Nove, Cartigliano, Tezze Sul Brenta, Carmignano di Brenta and Fontaniva. These actions are aimed at restoring wetland ecosystems and the ecological fragmentation in the Natura 2000 site.

In addition, GO Brenta 2030 will build a demonstration wetland on traditional agricultural land in Pozzoleone. Wetland demonstration means an area with the presence of water that will allow for the introduction and expansion of specific flora and fauna and that will be used to show the results of a sustainable use of agricultural areas and the benefits that it can give to citizens and farmers.Inoltre, il GO Brenta 2030 realizzerà un’area umida dimostrativa su un terreno agricolo tradizionale a Pozzoleone. Per area umida dimostrativa si intende una zona con presenza di acqua che permetterà lo svilupparsi di flora e fauna specifiche e che verrà utilizzata per mostrare i risultati di un uso sostenibile delle aree agricole e i benefici che esso può dare a cittadini e agricoltori.

LIFE Brenta 2030 will create fences, paths and billboards, useful for reducing the impact that recreational use of the area has on biodiversity.

These interventions are essential to ensure the conservation of the ecosystems that will take place (especially in the case of fragile areas such as wetlands), to decrease the impact on the whole area and increase the environmental awareness of visitors through signage.

Thanks to LIFE funding, numerous activities will be carried out to improve the waste collection system and environmental surveillance in the Middle Brenta area.

One of the objectives of the LIFE program is to increase the environmental awareness of visitors to the Brenta. To do this, there are numerous training activities, including:

• 400 interventions in schools, educational trips, a course for municipal technicians and associations

• 12 “Clean the Brenta” days open to citizens

In addition, in support of the measures provided for in the Integrated Area Plan, an Etra operator will monitor the site and conduct waste collection and environmental surveillance activities throughout the Natura 2000 site.

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