The interactive map of the Middle Brenta River

The Brenta River has always been a fundamental communication route connecting the Alps with the Adriatic Sea, a transit area for people and goods. The river was already famous in prehistoric times and became even more so under the Romans. A few centuries later, the Republic of Venice exploited its motive power to supply the tree trunks needed to build the pile dwellings that still support the city of Venice today.

The Middle Brenta area, which extends from Bassano del Grappa to Padua, is recognized at an european level and included in the Natura 2000 Network for its environmental and cultural importance: a true natural oasis with enchanting landscapes, a vast artistic heritage and a multitude of possibilities for those who wish to experience it: fishing lakes, educational farms, agritourisms, historic villas and monasteries, an impressive number of stables for wonderful horseback rides and the famous Brenta cycle path.

The river is home to a truly unique natural heritage that must be preserved and enhanced. For this reason, our initiative was born and is working to make this area even more wonderful.

On this page, through the interactive map, you can learn more about the treasures of this area.

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