Management improvements

One of the objectives of our “Parco Fiume Brenta” initiative, and of the synergies between the LIFE Brenta 2030 and GO Brenta 2030 projects, is to improve the management of the river area that extends from Bassano del Grappa to Padua.

The work of our team will facilitate an increase in the social capital of the area and build a light and innovative governance system, based on dialogue between local authorities, the animation and strengthening of existing initiatives (River Contract, associations, etc. .).

Our aim? Tackle the worsening of environmental problems and generate new growth opportunities, but above all make sure that the actions started with the Brenta River Park remain active and multiply as time passes.

Here are the main activities that we will carry out to achieve our goal and enhance the Middle Brenta:

Social capital to be enhanced

As part of the LIFE Brenta 2030 project, a training course will be developed and held at the Municipality of Carmignano aimed at technicians, local councilors and associations operating in the field of environmental protection and civil society. The course will be about protected areas, the Brenta river and the economic opportunities related to its projects.

Stakeholder network

The Brenta river is full of initiatives and examples of realities that care about the river and its territory.

Our aim is to connect them together to enhance the goods and services they offer to the community of the Middle Brenta.

How will we do it?
By organizing meetings with the existing initiatives already present in the area and inviting all stakeholders to the workshops that will be dedicated precisely to gathering feedback and ideas for the future of the site.

Definition of the vision

A group of project experts will work on some proposals for stakeholder consultation * to develop a unified vision of the future of the Natura 2000 site. This shared vision will be created on the basis of the advice gathered during the meetings and on the values and characteristics of the Middle Brenta area.

The work will allow to prepare innovative governance models so as to create and improve the organizational structure of the area and make it economically sustainable in the long term also in relation to the approaches related to the enhancement of ecosystems.

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