Environmental surveillance and waste collection service

In the framework of LIFE Brenta 2030 project, Etra started a service of environmental surveillance and waste collection, assigning some environmental operators with the task of periodically checking the Natura 2000 site and nearby areas to collect waste and, at the same time, report potential anomalies.

15 municipalities along the Brenta river worked together to identify relevant areas, which will be periodically visited by environmental operators using silent and zero impact electric quads. Ordinary waste will be immediately removed, while special waste will be removed through specific interventions according to the type of trash, as agreed with municipalities. In addition, detected irregularities will be reported to competent authorities.

Such a methodical service has no precedents in this territory. For this reason, the service will also monitor the type and weight of abandoned waste in each municipality. The aim is to better understand the phenomenon of waste abandonment and the entity of other irregularities, and eventually considering the most effective ways to contrast them.

This service represents a great example of how cooperation among different municipalities along the river can provide better, safer, and more efficient management of a common good: the river Brenta.

The service entails three main actions:

Waste collection

1. Etra operators will travel along agreed paths and directly collect – when it is possible in terms of security and of transportation – two type of waste:
– waste produced by recreative activities
– domestic waste (only in case they are not dangerous or burdensome)

2. When operators will find different waste from the ones cited above, they will report it to the competent municipality and proceed to the removal on behalf of the municipality itself.


Operators are equipped with an app to help them track possible issues and irregularities, which will then be reported to competent authorities (Carabinieri forestali, Genio Civile, municipalities, etc.). Possible citizens’ reports on abandoned waste shall be forwarded directly to the municipalities.

Environmental days “Let’s clean the Brenta river”

Regarding extensive areas, where the work of two operators is not enough to cover the whole territory, municipalities have the possibility to organise “environmental days” in collaboration with the LIFE Brenta 2030 project. These events can also be organised by the association present on the territory. The request of collaboration and logistic support needs to be presented to Etra, and forwarded to the competent municipalities, according to the current practice. The LIFE 2030 project will provide support on communication activities and tools for waste collection.

From January 2021 we have…



tons of waste



reports of special waste






reports of other types

What can you find along the river?

Waste that is little in size but has a huge environmental impact!






At the moment, the service is still at a trial stage and is co-financed by the LIFE Brenta 2030 project. For this reason, it represents a great example of how coordinated territorial initiatives can contribute in the protection of the environment and the achievement of sustainable development goals.

The data in this page have been updated at the end of October 2021.

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